EMMANOUIL S.A. manufactures aluminum frames with the experience and expertise of many years in the field. We can offer high quality solutions, high strength and at the best market prices available.

We provide a full range of all types of aluminum frames:

  • Hinged Aluminum Frames
  • Sliding Aluminum Frames
  • Insulated Aluminum Frames
  • Aluminum Shutters
  • Aluminum Screens
  • Aluminum Doors
  • Railings
  • Special Constructions
  • Curtain Wall
  • Construction Patios – Sheds

All the Aluminum Frames will meet your requirements and design. The frames are aluminum and ensure maximum security with multiple locks and fully cover the energy requirements of our time.

Moreover, EMMANOUIL SA has aluminum shutters of all types:

  • Polyurethane shutters
  • Heavy duty aluminum profile shutters
  • Insulated shutters with electric actuators

And aluminum screens:

  • Horizontal movement
  • Vertical movement
  • Hinged and electrical

For more information and technical characteristics please visit the ETEM Home on-line.